Postcards from Edinburgh

Morag Keil

13th April - 25th May 2024

This exhibition of Morag Keil (Born in Edinburgh, based in London) held by Tenko Presents takes place in a council apartment block in Tokyo, Daikanyama. A 15 storey, slim and long metropolitan housing complex with a total of 338 apartments, built right above the bus terminal. Each floor has a neglected small frame dedicated to mount an image to uplift the concrete grey hall way by the elevators, now replaced by a series of new works by Keil. 

Considering the specific demographic of the show, - elderly tenants who use the elevator daily, as well as online viewers - Morag decided to replace the old, dusty posters with mail art featuring images of her hometown, Edinburgh. The series consists of ten postcards sourced from various eras and styles, acquired from eBay. Each postcard depicts iconic landmarks of Edinburgh, a place that when she visits now she feels like a tourist. Sent from Morag’s temporary stay in Berlin to Tokyo, both hometowns of Tenko, these postcards bear personalized messages. For an artist, one’s experience in Berlin can be completely unrelated to Germany, it serves as a transient place, parallel to the elevator space.

The tourist is a naive subject: in a place unknown to them capturing photos of sites that have already been extensively photographed. The postcards are not their personal photos but mass produced images of these constantly documented sites. Despite their resources and content creation skills tourists are never considered historians, experts, or photographers. Yet an artist could be considered a professional tourist, constantly in motion, navigating a landscape of perpetual flux, expressing themselves amidst uncertainty and impermanence, mirroring that of influencers. Creating content, spending money, working, sightseeing, travelling are now all simultaneously achievable with the digital nomad visa: the professional tourist.

Postcards from Edinburgh


今回のTenko Presents 展覧会はモラグ・キール(エジンバラ出身、ロンドン在住)Postcards from Edinburghは代官山の都営アパートメントで行われます。1960年代に初期の都市型住宅複合施設として作られたその建物は15階建338戸の巨大ビルで都営バスターミナルの終着駅でもあります。エレベーターの前には掲示板がありそれぞれの階で住民が何かを貼ったり貼らなかったり薄暗い電灯に灯されほとんど意味をなしていません。深夜にそのエレベーターに乗ると全ての階が開くような仕組みになっており15階に住む住人は各階の掲示板を15 回眺めることになります。その掲示板をモラグ・キールが占拠します。

毎日エレベーターを利用する高齢者の入居者やオンライン視聴者など、今回の観客を考慮して、モラグは埃かぶった灰色の掲示板を故郷エディンバラの風景を施したメールアートに置き換えた。 このシリーズは、eBay から入手したさまざまな時代やスタイルの 10 枚のポストカードで構成されている。 各ポストカードはモラグの故郷エディンバラの象徴的なランドマークが描かれていて海外に長い彼女は旅行者と同じ視点になっていることに気付いた。 モラグが一時滞在していたベルリンから東京に送られたこれらのポストカードには個人的なメッセージが込められている。 アーティストにとって昨今のベルリンという都市ははエレベーター空間のように一時的な場所として機能しているとも言える。


Morag Keil has exhibited at galleries and institutions worldwide including solo shows at Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK; Project Native Informant, London, UK; Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin, Germany; Real Fine Arts, New York, NY; Jenny’s, New York; Cubitt Gallery, London, UK; Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France; Outpost Gallery, Norwich, UK; and NAK, Aachen. Recent group exhibitions include the Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art, Moss, Norway; Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne, Germany; Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA; Oxygen Biennial, Tblisi, Georgia; Fondazione Prada, Venice, Italy; Swiss Institute, New York, NY; and Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris, France.

Open to the public daily access via elevator


Shibuya-ku Higashi 2-25-36 150-0011 Tokyo Japan

渋谷区東2-25-36 150-0011 東京

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